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Brochure Cover     


    Code Blue Brochure









Member Resources for advertising


   Ad / Poster to be used for advertising Code Blue Communities (Programmable)






Life Coach Training Guide



   The Code Blue Life Coach Training Guide 

  can be used as a training guide by Program Directors to train new life coaches.

  (This is to be used only by Program Directors.)







Code Blue Life Coach Workbook


   The Code Blue Life Coach

    - Training Guide

    - Workbook

    - Handout 

   can be used by prospective life coaches to follow and make notes

   during their life coach training.







List of Forms found in the Step by Step journals         List of the forms found in the Step by Step Journals

       that can be printed and used as handouts for clients:

       -  Goal Setting Chart 

        -   Major Experiences or Decisions

        -  Traits and Changes

        -  Person / Situation

        -  I would like to ...

        -  Helpful Habits