Rev. Gregory M Griffin

Rev. Greg Griffin

Life is hard at times, and no one gets a pass. In those hard times, we may become broken in spirit, and find we need help, hope, and healing. Where we turn in our search for what we need will ultimately determine how those life experiences will shape our thoughts and feelings about who we are. As a solution-oriented pastoral counselor, I am always looking for tools to help clients find the way out of sorrow or woundedness (self-inflicted or other inflicted) to a place of restoration. As I have become acquainted with the Quality of Life Assessment, I can visualize how this simple and scientific tool will capably serve those who use it. This assessment is a powerful way to not only help someone learn more about themselves but more importantly, create an energizing plan of hope to move to a place of greater emotional and spiritual peace in their everyday living.  Because this assessment is designed in such a way to measure physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, I recommend it without reservation for widespread settings in private, corporate, social service, and general population sectors.     Rev. Gregory M Griffin, MA Licensed Pastoral Counselor