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If you would like to start or sponsor a Code Blue Community in your area, please create an account on this site then complete and submit the application at the right. (or below on mobile device)

There are different types of Code Blue Communities, depending on your needs:


1) - Virtual Meetings

Man looking at a computerAll the changes that have taken place this year have given us an opportunity to re-think how to do things.  Many people are now working from home, and churches are meeting virtually.

If you have not already thought about having virtual Code Blue Community meetings, you might want to look into how that could work for you.  Free Life Coach Training is still required and will be done virtually.  There are several platforms that work well.

  • ZOOM -  you can hold virtual meetings for up to 100 participants, time limit 40 minutes, for free.  On the Gallery View, everyone can see everyone at the meeting.  This type of meeting would not require a meeting location; each member of the Community would be able to attend the meeting from home on their computer, or even on their phone.  No refreshments would be served … no time away from home …. no long car trip to get the meeting. 

The Host would need to have a Zoom account, but the other members can attend meetings without an account if they wanted.  First Responders could also meet with Life Coaches virtually.

These are a few you might try.  Check them out if you think this might work for your Community.

Additionally, you can try:

  • “HYBRID MEETINGS”.  For those who still want to meet in person, they can attend a meeting at a chosen location.  Others can still join in and be part of the meeting through the use of any of these virtual platforms.
  • LONG RANGE MEETINGS – people from different Communities around the United States can have a combined meeting, or individuals from different locations in the United States can become part of the same community.  There are no travel or distance restrictions.  You can invite friends from anywhere in the United States to join your community simply by sending them the link and the invitation.  These types of Code Blue Community meetings might require the Host to purchase the $14.99 (ZOOM) package so the meeting can be extended past 40 minutes.


*All Step by Step Journals are provided free on this website for all meetings. 


 2) Step by Step Journals with regularly scheduled meetings.  For this type of Code Blue Community first responders will meet in male groups, female groups, or family groups.  Meetings should last about 90 minutes with a speaker from the community to speak about various issues (suggested: 30 minutes), refreshments (suggested: 20 minutes), group discussions from questions in the Step by StepCode Blue Step by Step Journals Journal (suggested: 40 minutes). 

In addition to regular group meetings, Code Blue Communities are encouraged to have periodic meetings that combine first responders and their families.  This combined meeting should offer a pot-luck meal and a guest speaker.

* Life Coach Training is free and will be arranged after the application is processed.


3) Step By Step Journals and meetings along with Life Coaching and the Quality of Life Assessment.  This type of Code Blue Community will have the same Step By Step Journals, and meetings, but will also add two other components. 

A) *The MAPS™ Life Coach Training is free and done remotely on the computer so that there is no need to travel.  The training takes between 2-3 hours depending on how many questions are asked, and how well participants understand how to use a computer.  Training on how to use the QOLA Software is included in the free Life Coach Training.  

B) The Quality Of Life Assessment (QOLA)™ is not a psychological evaluation. It is an accurate measurement of how well you and your loved ones are meeting the challenges you face each day.  It is a profile of your quality of life covering a wide variety of dynamics from everyday life to life's most traumatic experiences.

Sample Question from the Quality of Life Assessment

Completely Confidential  ●   Assesses Real-Time Functioning  ●   Comprehensive, Completely Personalized ● Takes Only 20 Minutes  ● Multiple choice questions ●  For All Veterans and Loved Ones Over 18. 

* After Life Coach Training the Quality of Life Assessment can be accessed from this website.


 4) For organizations that already have a program that they like, and want to continue to use, we offer the Quality of Life Assessment™ and MAPS™ Life Coaching to use along with their current program.  Life Coach Training is free.   



Some requirements for Starting a Code Blue Community or becoming a Life Coach include:

  1. Since Communities are run by first responders, you must be a first responder to start a community.  Family members can run family meetings, but the Program Director and Life Coaches must be first responders.

  2. Male first responders will coach male first responders; female first responders will coach female first responders; family members may coach family members.
  3. You need to have a desire to help other first responders.
  4. There will need to be Leadership and Sponsors to administer and support the program.
  5. You will need to complete Code Blue Community Life Coach Training                                                                                                  


Be sure to fill out all information on the application so we know how to contact you. You will receive information on the materials and training time by email.



When we receive your application we will schedule your QOLA Sample. The QOLA software is available for PC only.


After taking the QOLA, Click Here for your free QOLA Profile Guide. QOLA Profile Guide

If you would like to start or sponsor a Code Blue Community in your area, please complete and submit the application at the right. (or below on mobile device)